[GOW] Application - [MOD]ZezoGamer

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[GOW] Application - [MOD]ZezoGamer

Post by [GOW]Zezo[G]amer on Sat Apr 04, 2015 3:37 pm

What's your real name?Zain
How old are you?12
Where are you from?Syria
What's your SAMP In-Game username?[MOD]ZezoGamer
What's your favorite weapon in SAMP?(optional):Sniper Rifle
What's your favorite car in SAMP?(optional): Bullet
Why do you want to join us?[Write at least 150 characters]:I Joined Alot Of Clans All of Them was Bad I heard about this clan They say it is a good clan so I'm gonna apply for it i will never leave it and I'm Gonna Be a really helpful and Freindly i will respect the founder and help him until i die! i hope he like me and accept this apply I Will be Active and I'm gonna help all the members and show them that this clan is the best clan in the world i will never leave it and show the founder that I'm a good guy! and i will respect and obey the Clan rules because Ghosts Of War's Rules made to be respected! i hope everybody loves me because i will do my best for being a good guy and never make the founder angry or sad i will be always a helpful member of this faction i really hope the founder accepts this apply.
Why should we accept you?[Write at least 50 characters]: because i will be a really helpful Member and i will respect all the rules and I'm ready to do what ever the founder wants i will stay in this clan until i die or until this clan haves no members, i will try to make this clan the best clan in the world
Are you going to obey the clan's rules?Of Course i will
Are you ready to add to your In-Game username the [GOW] Tag? Yes I Will


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Re: [GOW] Application - [MOD]ZezoGamer

Post by [GOW]Sniper=_= on Sat Apr 04, 2015 3:47 pm

Dear ZezoGamer i have read all of your apply and i see that you're going to be a really good member...I'm happy to tell you that you're Accepted for being a member of [GOW] Ghosts Of War Congratulations...

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