How to apply for a promotion

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How to apply for a promotion

Post by [GOW]Sniper=_= on Fri Apr 03, 2015 5:59 pm

Applying for a promotion
Do you want to get promoted to a higher rank in [GOW]? OK just follow these steps...
Step 1:
Copy the code below this topic
Step 2:
Paste the code in a topic and make the title of the topic :          [GOW] Promote application - (IN-GAME USERNAME)
Step 3:
Answer all of the questions that were in the code without a single LIE!
Step 4:
Wait until an Admin/MOD replies to your topic saying if your apply is ACCEPTED Or DENIED

How long have you been playing in this clan?
What is your rank right now?
Which rank are you applying for?
Why should we accept your apply?(Write at least 50 characters)
Are you going to abuse this rank?

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